About the Trail

The trail head is located on a one acre site about ½ of a mile south of Downtown Kings Mountain. The site is located at      807 S. Battleground Avenue at the corner of Quarry Road     (GPS Coordinates N35° 13.802’ W081° 21.030’) and will be connected to downtown via sidewalks. The one acre site is relatively flat and almost completely cleared of tree cover. A buffer of white pine trees is located on the southeast side of the property. The property surrounding the site to the southwest is industrial, but heavily wooded. An active rail line is located across Battleground Avenue northwest of the property while the property to the northeast is primarily residential.

The trail head will provide several amenities along with parking for 30 vehicles. A covered picnic shelter will offer visitors the option to have gatherings for 25-30 people. An additional set of three picnic tables will give users the chance to picnic under existing pine trees when weather permits. A restroom facility equipped with both male and female facilities, water fountains, and trash receptacles serve all users of the trail or trail head. Boulder art helps the trail head maintain the desired rustic feel that many community members felt imperative to maintain. Other amenities include a bike rack, map kiosk, and an informal play area for free play, volleyball, football, etc. An identification sign is located close to Battleground Avenue to direct visitors onto the trail head site.

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